Desirable Products with a Recycled Theme

What we do

A common phrase in recycling literature is Reduce-Reuse-Recycle. We concentrate on the 'Reusing' aspect of that phrase aiming to sell products manufactured by both others and ourselves where a proportion of the materials used are reclaimed and identifiable in the new product.

Typically, we change the use of a redundant product usually with some sort of manufacturing intervention. This is in contrast to the similarly worthy and more mainstream recycling of glass, Organic Skincare, plastic and paper etc. where the original product is transformed into a raw material before being remanufactured.

Creating a product where the design is partly based on features from another product creates all sorts of challenges and possibilities with the potential to create eye catching and thought provoking products whilst also equipping products for a new career rather than redundancy.

One of our ongoing themes is to provide kits to allow people to build their own product. For example we have a CD rack kit that requires the customers own redundant audio cassettes to complete.


Hopefully our product range speaks for itself. Also see our page of Examples from around the world.


Items for sale included 'updated phones', bags, coasters, stationary, coca cola hats, toys, glasses and music media. You can even buy gift tokens. Examples of reuse are tyres